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Use social network for your canine(s)

  • Unnecessary subject matter

    1. Did you see the story of a fisherman being harpooned through his face?
    2. Did you see the article of Donald Trump being a racist?
    3. What do you think of the dinner that took me all day to prepare?
    4. Who cares?
    • The subject on is dogs, that's "de o geez". All other subjects will quickly be trashed.

  • People accounts

    1. Any friend can un-follow you without un-friending you which will make your posts un-seen to that friend. Some friend huh? How many of your fiends have clicked that "Unfollow" link on your profile page?
      • At present time, doesn't have a "friends" system so everyone sees every posts.
      • In the near future, will have a "connections" system where members will see posts only from other members that are connected with them. Just one of the ways is streamlining your experience. You probably don't want to see millions of members posts when you login, right?
    2. The answer to the question, "How many friends have unfollowed you?" is... No one knows!
      • It is very possible you are not seen on any of your friends' feeds and you have no control over it.
    3. You may be a positive person and think, "how many friends see my posts?". The answer is not known with the tools facebook gives you!
      • facebook doesn't give you any tools to see how many of your friends have "unfollow"ed you. No one can "unfollow" you on
    4. How many subjects are on facebook? Thousands? Do you care about all or even most of them? Politics and what people are eating is just boring.
      • With the work of Junk Yard Dog, the only subject on is dogs. Canine businesses like sitters, walkers, groomers, trainers and veterinarians really appreciate that.

  • Pages

    1. There are no "Pages" on
      • If you want to use for your canine business, just sign up as you and post about your canine business. You can even change your profile pic to your logo. Easy as that.

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