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updated December 27th, 2016
  1. A Social Network Site for Dog Lovers and Canine Professionals. From selling/buying puppies to finding an Animal Shelter and everything in between.
  2. The subject matter is "dogs" and only "dogs".
  3. Posts and Pictures of anything else is frowned upon and will be deleted by Junk Yard Dog.

  1. Member accounts on are very light.
      We only require the following.
    • A valid email address used to login and receive notifications.
    • First and Last names.
    • A strong password.
    • Require that you agree to be a good member in our Canine Pack.
  2. In order to keep free, you cannot block our ads when logged in to your account.
  3. We use browser cookies, server sessions and location services for security. What website doesn't, right?
  4. If your purpose is to advertise your canine business on
      Your account is still considered a "member" account
    • A valid email address used to login and receive notifications is required.
    • You can put your business name in instead of First and Last name.
      enter "Pets" for first name and "Mart" for last name if your business name is Petsmart
    • A strong password is required.
    • You are allowed to post your phone number, email, address, pictures (.jpg only) to promote your business.
    • Just like every deogeez member, you can send and receive private messages that only you and the other member can see.

  1. Junk Yard Dog makes his way around every week to take any trash you have to the Junk Yard.
  2. Junk Yard Dog looks for non dog related pictures such as pictures of cats where there are no dogs in it.
  3. Junk Yard Dog also snoops for Posts and Comments that are not related to dogs and will take them back to the Yard.

  1. Provide all dog lovers and canine professionals a place to network with other dog lovers and canine professionals that is free of all other distractions such as Politics and Dating.
  2. Any subject that is not seen to have anything to do with canines makes Alpha Dog growl.

  1. Delivers private messages sent by members to other members.
  2. Delivers pack messages that are better known as system messages such as Password Reset and Notification messages to your email address.

  1.'s Email Dog hates spam and will shred any message suspected to be spam.
  2. Until such time is moves off of Internet Greylists, email from Email Dog may end up in your spam folder. Unfortunate but that's just the way email servers are configured. That's what happens when a few ruin it for many.
  3. Please add us to your email address book to ensure inbox delivery of email.

  1. is a social network for canine(dog) owners and professionals.
  2. Member accounts are free.
  3. Members are required to disable any ad blocker in their browser. This keeps free of charge to non advertisers.
  4. Members have ability to interact with any and all other members via status updates, status comments and private messages.
    • This means; you post it, everyone can see it EXCEPT in private message communications where only the sender and recipient can view text.
    • In order to grow and entice dog owners to join, shows the 10 latest posts made by all deogeez members on our Recent Posts by Members page. We do protect email addresses by hashing them and only show the last initial of Last name. takes no responsibility if a member posts their phone number. Members should only send phone numbers in private messages. If you are a business, you should only post your business's phone number.
  5. Photos (.jpg only)
    • Deogeez is not responsible for pictures that might cause harm to anyone. You uploaded it, you're responsible for it.
    • If pictures are found that might cause harm to anyone, they will be deleted. That goes for pictures that go against the concept of this website. Please keep the subject matter of posts and pictures about dogs.

  1. We understand that not everyone treats domestic dogs as part of their family and there are cultures and countries that treat domestic dogs as a food source. This is disgusting and should be treated as criminal all over the world. For that, takes any and all measures to block known countries that eat dogs. Also, any member that posts updates or pictures about cruelty to domestic dogs will be banned and reported. If you disagree, leave this site now!
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