Poop free grass in every yard.

You can get paid to keep it that way.

Dogs do a lot of

Even one dog drops pounds of poop per year and if you have days you don't feel or want to pick up poop. Hire a Deogee.

Deogee Promise

Dispose of natural canine waste properly and honestly to my clients that agree to pay a fair price for each pound picked up.

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What is a Deogee?

De.o.geez are people that sign up on this website as Entrepreneur Contract Obligated, Paid to remove canine(d o g) poop from client's premises on strict agreed upon rules by verbal agreement or by terms of this website.

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Hiring a Deogee is easy.

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Cause and Effect

Knowledge your yards are safe from harmful or embarrassing situations that are best forgotten. Consider what happens when you enrich the economy by hiring honest folks that want to earn by doing things you'd rather not do. There's always someone out there that will do it, right?
Doing a little good to protect what's important to you is never annoying.


Earn extra money.

Sign up now to make a little money on your free time.
Picking up dog poop is not a full time job. It's something to do when your really bored or want to earn extra money.
Earn from people willing to pay you to pick up dog poop.

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